Virtual Conference

Track: Recent Development and Advanced Researches in Nanotechnology

Recent Development in Nanotechnology


·        Nanotechnology based Imaging Technologies
·        Lab-on-a-Chip Point of Care Diagnostics
·        Advanced Nano-Bio-Sensor Technologies
·        Implantable Nano sensors
·        Nano Arrays for Advanced Diagnostics
·        Therapy
·        Invasive Therapy Technologies
·        Cellular based Therapy
·        Atoms and Molecular Computing
·        Graphene & 2D / Carbon nanotubes
·        Modelling at the nanoscale
·        Nanomaterials for Energy
·        High spatial resolution spectroscopies under SPM probe
·        Nanomaterials for 3D printing
·        Nanotechnology in Biomechanics
·        Nanoparticle Tubes for Targeted Drug Release
·        Nanotechnology in Industry process
·        Nanotech Detector for Heart Attacks
·        Nanotechnology Applications
·        Nanotechnology in space